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Our Philosophy

E.L.M.S. (Escrow Leadership and Management School) is a continuation of The Escrow Training Institute’s philosophy and strong belief that

“Knowledge is the key to success! Our success is your success!”

Whereas “E.T.I.” has a primary focus related to escrow processing and escrow rules, regulations, forms and “best practices”, “E.L.M.S.” is centered on the advancement and enhancement of those individuals who manage and/or who have a strong desire and ability to manage and lead an organization in the future.

Our purpose is to focus on both the Management and the Leadership of a business entity. The two are not the same!

The ability to align your team, establish a work environment conducive to driving personal and business success and in continuously meeting/exceeding operational objectives is crucial to your success and the success of your Company.


*E.L.M.S. is a division of the Escrow Training Institute


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