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E.L.M.S. Courses

Class Offerings
The class curriculum will include workshops, as part of an overall comprehensive program. Classes will be conducted by professional instructors who have the pre-requisite knowledge, skills and experience for the class(es) he/she conduct. When appropriate, guest speakers will co-facilitate a workshop to provide additional insight and relevance to the course topic. Faculty experience and backgrounds will be provided!

E.L.M.S. program offerings will focus on three primary business parameters:
 - People (example: Leadership Skills, Team Building, Women in Leadership)
 - Process (example: Business Best Practices, Performance Management, Workforce Diversity)
 - Profit (Financial Analysis, Staffing, Managing the Margins)

The 3 P’s is an umbrella approach to listing workshops. Under each umbrella (P) there are multiple workshops/study.

Class List
A list of classes (not all inclusive) includes programs that provide the foundation for personal and professional growth. They include:

  • Business Fundamentals, Practices & Law
  • Managing Escrow Operations
  • Women in Leadership
  • Growing YOUR Leadership Talents/Building Your Own Legacy
  • Leadership vs Management – There IS a Difference
  • Creating and Leading Organizational Change
  • Enhancing Team Dynamics and Engagement
  • Creating & Leading Mission, Vision and Organizational Core Values
  • Using Career Development as the Competitive Advantage
  • Strategic Planning – The Customer, The Team, The Results
  • Enhancing Team Performance/Performance Management Systems
  • Major Mistakes Managers Make
  • Marketing/Selling Skills “Best Practices”
  • Managing Multi- Generations/Workforce Diversity
  • Effective Planning, Decision Making & Delegation
  • And more!

Some classes above will be included within a broader class.

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