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About E.L.M.S.*

Why E.L.M.S.
Our “MISSION Statement” reflects our belief that we
Focus on today’s talent for tomorrow’s leadership!

Because everything truly does start and end with leadership, we believe that it is a business imperative to provide an organization and its management team (current or future), with the skills, knowledge and education needed to be highly successful. Our staff of instructors have the prerequisite talent, expertise and experience in making a difference by improving both existing skill sets of attendees and building new skills to make each person more consistently effective in meeting and exceeding business objectives.


Through professional instruction, our workshops will be geared toward what is truly important to successfully lead an organization in providing a competitive advantage in improving the customer experience, enhancing team dynamics and engagement, and ultimately elevating both the operational and financial long term business results.

*E.L.M.S. is a division of the Escrow Training Institute

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